Oh Oh Oh'riginal gifts for Christmas !

Every year we are looking for THE gift that will make auntie Michelle and aunt Christ happy, and we always feel back on the traditionnal earrings or wine bottle. To impress the gallery and change your habits, let’s have a look on some ORIGINAL GIFTS IDEAS !


A usefull and trendy gift, that you could buy ready-prepared or compose yourself. For example, you could offer some washable makeup remover pads, washable loose items tote bag, reusable bamboo drinking straws (for cocktails lovers ^^), an isothermal bottle to replace plastic bottles, or some solid cosmetics.


A honey hand cream, a honey lips balm and hop you have a useful and inexpensive gift, that will make auntie AND uncle happy!


It is a 100% customized kindness that will for sure give pleasure, because you spend some time on it (and not necessarily so much money). For example you could prepare:
- Some scented candles: with soy wax, yellow mandarin EO and petitgrain bigarade EO for example
- A well-being aromatherapy recipe to spread in the house: using black epinette EO (70drops), ravintsara EO (70drops) and tea tree EO (35drops), you get a mix to diffuse or spray during winter (avoid for pregnant women)
- Some individual cookies offered in a nice bag, like pine tree or reindeer shape cookies … Yummy and lovely!


Why not?! Nowadays we have plenty of games from plenty of various universe that will keep a memorable Christmas Eve atmosphere, for children and not only!


For several years now, we can observe under the Xmas tree some « gift boxes » that offer nice and unforgettable experiences. They replace the classic gift, that is going quite often to the cupboard. In the same idea, you could offer a beauty ritual in a SPA or beauty salon, to release the tension and spend some time for ourself.
If this is not enough, you could as well use the furoshiki style to wrap your present. Using a tied and folded linen, it will perfectly replace the gift paper … It is very nice, ecological and reusable endlessly...

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