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Body treatments

Body treatments

Coconut oil & tiaré flower relaxing treatment

The gloomy atmosphere and your daily rush are right for you? Hard to take a real moment for yourself? The sweet and paradisiacal fragrances of this treatment send you to the other side of the world for a relaxing break: a real getaway from your daily life to use without moderation!!!
Body treatments

Cocooning honey body treatment

A "cocoon" care inspired by winter, a real moment of sweetness and intense nutrition to bring comfort to the driest skin. This care will wrap yourself in comfortness and you will say goodbye to crocodile skin!
Body treatments

Tribal body treatment

Experience new sensations and discover the ancestral plants and recipes from Africa, Mexico and Polynesia. You will relax and get in tune with the rhythms of nature.Forget your everyday life, we'll take care of you.
Body treatments

Pina colada cosmetic cocktail treatment

Relax and enjoy... This care brings you to the chic and cozy atmosphere of a Parisian lounge bar, or makes you travel to a café in Miami. Just let your imagination take you... Bernard Cassière invites you to discover the world of Mixology (art of blends) thanks to this treatment with exotic fragrances and incredible textures.
Body treatments

Pineapple silhouette body treatment

Nowadays, stress and "junk-food" lead to disturbances responsible for the accumulation of fat in targeted areas. Bernard Cassière has created a tropical complex [pineapple + green tea + coffee] organic and from fair trade that effectively removes unsightly curves.
Body treatments

Pineapple sublime legs treatment

Drainage is an important step to promote the elimination of grease and other waste by optimizing the microcirculation process to improve the beauty and comfort of the legs. Bernard Cassière chose the tropical complex in his draining program for embellished and lightened legs!
Slimming body care

Pineapple post'depilatory care

Applied on recently waxed areas, this “comfort” spray contains an anti-regrowth agent to soft the skin, slow hair growth and leave the skin more beautiful for longer!  
Body treatments
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Wild mango & Cupuaçu butter relaxing body care

The wild mango vegetal butter has very good hydrating, softening and soothing properties. It is perfect to improve skin comfort.It protects and repairs the damaged skins while forming a soft film in the surface, without any sticky sensation.The Cupuaçu butter moisturises, nourishes, and softens the skin. Discover more : click here
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