Blood orange DETOX' treatment -...
Blood orange DETOX' treatment -...
Blood orange DETOX' treatment -...
Blood orange DETOX' treatment -...
Blood orange DETOX' treatment -...
Blood orange DETOX' treatment -...

Blood orange DETOX' treatment - Holistic Energy

A complete face treatment dedicated to dull and devitalized skins.

This treatment associates the technical manual know-how of the beautician to a massage with Crystal quartz Gua-Sha stones to improve the complexion, even and protect the skin, and helps it to breathe again. During 45 min, you can experiment a total give up and take time to balance your energies. 


Dull skins without radiance.
Tired skins, asphyxiated by dead cells and toxins.



  • Blood orange extract : highly concentrated in C vitamine, it is a free-radical scavenger that neutralize their armful effects. It has also a keratolytic action, favoring the cell renewal.
  • Up-cycled citrus extract: comes from from leftover organic fruits pressed for consumption. Tangerine, sweet orange and bitter orange peel are recovered to extract our active ingredient and limit wastage. Enrched in humectants from natural origin, and in natural bio-flavonoïds, this active ingredient is an excellent anti-oxidative agent, and so is perfect as main ingredient in a DETOX’/radiance line and treatment.
  • Organic 5-flavors berries extract : Five-Flavour berries are « superberries ». This naturalextract is ultra-enriched in bioactive componants such as lignans. Lignans are involved in the balance of REDOX. Lignans contain inflammation process due to free radicals, improves skin hydration and radiance. This Organic Five-Flavour berry extract is a perfect DETOX’ ingredient as it also favours skin oxygenation and helps fighting against pollution armfull effects.
Recommended duration

45 minutes

  • Radiance
  • Eliminate dead cells
  • Draining
  • Moisturize / Nourishing
  • Help the skin to breathe again
  • Balance your energies
The + of this care

The Crystal Quartz Gua-Sha face massage.

Used in traditional Chinses medicine, the Gua-Sha are very efficient massage devices.

We chose to propose Crystal quartz ones, because this stone is an energizing lightstone, that boosts, regenerates and strenghtens everything around it. It is also known to oxygenate the skin and prevent sagging.


*Self-assessment, 20 models, after one Blood Orange DETOX’ treatment – Holistic Energy of 45 min.

The products of the blood orange line
  • Blood orange EE cream [Energy Enhancer]
  • Complexion reviving DETOX' moisturizing cream
  • Blood orange DETOX' 3 in 1 mask
  • Radiance booster DETOX' serum
  • DETOX’ night concentrate

Product Details

Needs for the face
Detox & energizing
Radiance revealer





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