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How often should I exfoliate my skin?
Whether mechanical, enzymatic, chemical, or a small mixture of three, the first function of the exfoliation is to remove dead cells from the skin to reveal its radiance.

In general, it is recommended to exfoliate twice a week.

And the little extra: the exfoliation also helps in the good penetration of your care products by activating the cutaneous microcirculation.

In short, it is a ESSENTIAL beauty gesture!

How and how often should I apply a mask?

As a beauty product that is more concentrated than a daily cream, the face mask is an essential part of my beauty kit.

You can apply it using the fingers, a brush or a spatula in a light to thick layer and then rinse with water (it could vary from one product to another; check the instructions on your product).

It is recommended to make a mask at least once a week. Why not enjoy a good relaxing bath for this?

I have oily skin, but my beautician tells me it is also dehydrated. It is possible?

Yes, it is! Oily and dehydrated skin are not incompatible! Fortunately, we are good in what we do and we thought of you: you can use the Mint-lemon mattifying moisturizer fluid that will do two jobs at once: it will matify and treat sebum excess while providing optimal hydration.

Another option: why not combine the Mint-lemon mattifying balancing serum under a Bamboo / aloe-vera high hydration sorbet cream?

You choose! :-)

We can not apply oil on a oily skin?

Big mistake!

The oily skin in general is a skin which is too agressed (by an excessive cleaning for example). The skin needs a hydrolipidic film for its protection, so when agressed, the skin produces sebum in excess to restore this protective barrier.

By applying oil to oily skin (for example before bedtime to limit the shining), the skin will find the lipids it needs to restore the protective barrier and will stop producing sebum in excess. As the days go by, sebum secretion will stabilize and return to "normal" levels.
It is not uncommon that we recommend DETOX 'Night Concentrate for oily skin.

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