The tiny house behing the groves

Bernard Cassière, a TRUE story. In a remote part of Haute Corrèze region, the village of Auriac holds a lot a secrets. Among them, just at the bend of a path, you can discover a nice little house, where Bernard Cassière history took place.

The question we get most often is : « Who is Bernard Cassière ? Does he really exist ? Well, he does … and doesn’t to some extent » Cassière is an old French and regional word which means “the hidden house”. “Hidden” means also “nice and preserved” in this so beautiful part of Corrèze called Xaintrie where we find inspiration and natural actives such as our cornflowers.

What about Bernard? It’s simply the first name of BC brand founder, Mr Bernard Mas, also President and Founder of Sothys group. Strongly attached to his roots, he decides to anchor activity in Corrèze, his native region. You know now our history, as well as the spirit which guides us. A spirit which makes of Bernard Cassière a beautiful brand, where nature and respect of nature become fully clear...

Come and visit the Gardens next to the house, just to know more and admire the best of what Nature offers...

Our Phylosophy

Offer quality cosmetics to all men and women. As gender equality is one of the most globalized issues of our time, we would like to remind that our professional cosmetics are as well intended for you ladies as for you gentlemen. After all, we all have a right to claim a shelf in the bathroom, right?

Support all men and women on a daily basis so they feel better in their skin

Even if there is no magic formula (sorry to tell you that ! ), our products are designed to effectively answer to your different issues: to slow down the aging process, to psychoanalyze a skin in crisis, or to sculpt a silhouette before summer.

Responsibly and thoughtfully develop our products

This is our creed! During our developments, we pay particular attention to the origin of our materials and our packaging (as local as possible). Some of our natural actives come from our own gardens, others are from fair trade, others can be organic... all in an ecological and societal logic. This is part of our specifications and we use it every day.

Quality and traceability guarantee thanks to our own infrastructures

This is our strength. Belonging to a family group (URL Sothys) and having our own infrastructure is what make the guarantee of quality and traceability possible. Our products are a 100% made in France (cockadoodledoo!). From design in our Research & Development laboratory, through manufacturing in our production unit to delivery, it all happens in a green setting in the middle of Corrèze.

Security, sensoriality and efficiency through our treatment products

Creativity and science are not incompatible! It is our commitment to search for innovative and diversified fragrances and textures in order to provide a moment of pleasure. All our products are tested (not on animals!) by our toxicologists to ensure their skin compatibility and efficacy.

- Made In France-

- Unisexe -

- Tracability -


Inspired by the best of nature, Bernard Cassière give us special face and body treatment products. Each ingredient is selected for its benefits for the skin. The organic aloe-vera for example, known for its moisturizing properties, is a major component of the dehydrated skin product line.

Strict Formulation chart

Our Formulation Chart shows our colours : it is the result of the European Cosmetic Regulation standards (in force since 2013 and one of the most strict in the world) combined with our high standards in terms of design and formulation:

- We forbid the use of controversial substances (parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde…)

-   We avoid harmful substances for the environment (plastic balls, palm oil…)

-  Since march 2018, in a commitment with transparency, we display in our products the amount of naturally actively ingredients by this logo:


We think less often about, but environmental respect also includes the packaging design. At Bernard Cassière, 100% of our outboxes comes from sustainably managed forests, for the most part, they are recyclable.

- Manufactures following our expectations as fully as possible without generating waste of cardboard or ink.

- Does'nt consume water, does'nt produces tools as for the "offset" technology.

- We are constantly rationalizing the number of our references in order to find the right compromise between "offering you enough offer to meet your needs" and "limiting our impact on the planet and the consumption of its resources".

- We minimize the packaging size and weight.

- We prioritize recyclable packaging.

- we use paper and cardboard from sustainably managed forests.

- we remain alert to the latest innovations in terms of sustainable development.

- And even at the office we have a trash for paper and another one for other wastes, because that also involves everyone's training and motivation !

It's 2021 and it's NEW !

Our eco-refill jar are now available. You can already find this system for our Spirulina creams, and it will become the rule and applied to all of our ranges from September 2021!

What are the advantages of these eco-refills ?

1 - They are more ecological: this allows us to reduce our consumption of plastics, and to be part of the circular economy.

2 - They are eco-designed: all the components can be recycled separately. :-)

3 - They are economical: more than just saving the planet, you alson save money since the eco-refill is 20% less expensive on average than the traditional format.

4 - They are easy to use !


To think outside the box and to surprise you is what we love the most at Bernard Cassière. We were the first to explore different fields, such as the hemp moisturizing treatment, launched in 2001, and the successful edible chocolate care that made us known.

Where other brands see beauty as appearance, we see a holistic concept, where beauty is global and should help every man and woman to be comfortable with themselves. What we want to share by designing products aligned with this philosophy is a bold and authentic beauty. As part of a family group we get to keep our independence and accessibility. Honesty, transparency and freedom of speech are not only what define us, but it also is in the heart of our communications & claims.

  • No empty promises: the words “products” and “care” means something and their value is proved by laboratory tests.
    • We do not use photoshop tricks and we prefer to show real women.
      • We question ourselves everyday and instead pretending to be perfect we prefer to be part of an improvement process.
        • We call ourselves Bernard and we own it!

        - Proof and Analytics -

        - Truth -


        Developed by our R&D laboratory, our formulas are fruit of a long research on ingredients, texture and fragrance. All our treatments are designed respecting the formulation standards on high efficiency, respect and compatibility with the skin and also pleasure. We are committed to favoring naturally active ingredients. However, to ensure sensoriality and conservation, we sometimes allow the use of some synthetic ingredients that are known for their safety, stability and efficacy. All our ingredients are scrupulously and carefully approved by a toxicologist and a pharmacist expert.

        Are the products vegans ?

        Most of them are. However, we sometimes use ingredients such as honey or beeswax. Do not hesitate to contact us.

        The safety of our products :

        Our formulas are tested under dermatological control to ensure safety and tolerance for users. We partner with an independent laboratory composed of a multidisciplinary team (toxicologist, pharmacist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, clinician…) where tests are conducted on – human – volunteers. Once placed on the market, products continue to be monitored. This is called cosmetic-vigilance, a kind of customer relationship service. All observations related to the use of our products are reported to our experts via our worldwide customer service. The data collected allow us to analyze each case individually and develop an adapted answer to each product.

        The efficacy of our products :

        When it is suitable, which is the case for anti-aging and slimming care, we measure the efficacy of our products before placing on the market because there is no room for placebo effect in Bernard Cassière.

        We perform three types of tests :

        - Self-assessment.

        - Technical expertise scorage.

        - Instrumental.

        Here is a short glossary to help you

        Ingredients we no longer use :

        • Paraben.
        • Mineral oils.
        • MIT/CMIT.
        • Phtalates.
        • Formaldéhyde OGM
        • Plastics balls.
        • Palm oil.
        • Phénoxyéthanol : we do not intentionally add as a preservative since 2014, but some raw materials may contain traces.
        Our current projects

        We are learning to design formulas without :

        - Silicones.
        - SLS / SLES using in foarming ...

        This list is not exhaustive and remains in constant evolution.

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