Pineapple silhouette body treatment

Pineapple silhouette body treatment

Nowadays, stress and "junk-food" lead to disturbances responsible for the accumulation of fat in targeted areas. Bernard Cassière has created a tropical complex [pineapple + green tea + coffee] organic and from fair trade that effectively removes unsightly curves.


Unsightly silhouette at the thighs, hips, buttocks, arms and belly. Orange peel appearance at these areas. Need firmness and refine the silhouette.

Recommended duration

1 hour and 30 minutes

  • To improve the appearance of the skin in the treated areas
  • To improve the firmness of the skin
  • To slim the silhouette
The + of this care

At the end of the treatment the beautician offers you a personalized tube of slimming gel (professional formula) to apply twice a day until the next rendez-vous.


After 4 treatments :

Depth of cellulitis = -19%

Number of cellulitis = - 21%

Firmness = + 14%

Smoothing out effect = +36%

After 8 treatments :

Depth of cellulitis = -32%

Number of cellulitis = - 30%

Firmness = + 17%

Smoothing out effect = +51%

Clinical study on 20 models after 4 or 8 treatments, two treatments a week.

The products of the Slimming line
  • Slimming gel
  • Light legs fluid
  • Stretch marks and firmness body oil
  • BB body cream

Product Details

Improves skin appearance
Slimming the silhouette


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