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Bamboo tears [Ultra-hydrating serum]

A complex of bamboo and Aloe-vera extracts delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids to restore skin suppleness and elasticity. Cactus extract combined with a hyaluronic acid derivative helps to maintain water in the tissues for long lasting skin hydration.For dehydrated skins.
The boosters

Aloe nutritive pearls [Nutri-enricher serum]

Rich in avocado and sweet almond oils and in bamboo and Aloe-vera extracts, this nutritious serum helps to restore and maintain the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Contains an organic extract of Aloe-vera.To restore radiance, suppleness and nutrition.
The boosters

New skin essence [Anti-ageing serum]

A natural phytic acid from rice combined with a prickly pear extract awakens the skin while erasing its dead cells, and prepares it to receive a cocktail of minerals and oligo-elements. A vehicle for easy ingredient entry has been added to join the ef¬ficiency of both ingredients of the serum and the cream, while imitating the natural components of the...
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