Bernard Cassière

Born in Auriac, Corrèze and exclusively dedicated to care products for beauty institutes and spas, Bernard Cassière is a French brand of professional aesthetics. Its unique concept combines the best of nature with its long experience in beauty salons. Drawing on the infrastructure of Sothys Group, to which it belongs, Bernard Cassière owns its own research and development laboratory, production unit, logistics platform and last but not least, a beautiful botanical garden. All of those facilities are located in France in the heart of Corrèze.

Safety, sensoriality and efficiency. Those are the 3 watchwords in the design of cares.

Bernard Cassière is now 450 institutes in France and more than 50 countries in the world.

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Bernard Cassière offers a large range of face and body products. Whether is about hydration, anti-aging, imperfections, slimness or sun protection, Bernard Cassière will have a perfectly adapted answer. Don’t wait any longer to discover our latest innovations!

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A professional aesthetics brand above all, for each face and body product line Bernard Cassière offers the corresponding professional care. Whether you want just to relax or treat a real skin problem, Bernard Cassière will have a perfectly adapted ritual or treatment. Don’t wait any longer to take care of yourself and discover the many treatments available in the beauty institutes near you!

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