Pineapple sublime legs treatment

Pineapple sublime legs treatment

Drainage is an important step to promote the elimination of grease and other waste by optimizing the microcirculation process to improve the beauty and comfort of the legs. Bernard Cassière chose the tropical complex in his draining program for embellished and lightened legs!


Feeling of heavy legs at the end of the day. Legs visibly swollen and feeling uncomfortable. Appearance of orange peel due to water retention.

Recommended duration


  • Provide a feeling of freshness to alleviate leg discomfort
  • Provide an instant feeling of well-being for lighter, more beautiful legs
  • To limit the feeling of swelling of the legs at the end of the day and improve the padded appearance of the skin due to a poor elimination of water in the tissues
    The + of this care

    A specific massage protocol improving the freshness sensation provided by the body wrap for ultra light legs!


    Persistent freshness sensation after the treamtent = 100%

    Significantly reduces the sensation of heavy legs = 95%

    Limits the sensation of swelling of feet and ankles = 95%

    Long lasting effect :

    • 1 day at last = 90%
    • 2 days at last = 76%
    • 3 days at last = 47%

    Self-assessments, 22 models after 1 treatment.

    The products of the Slimming line
    • Slimming gel
    • Light legs fluid
    • Stretch marks and firmness body oil
    • BB body oil

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