When an innovation is both good for the planet and your wallet :)

Frequently, when an innovation is good for the planet, it can be so expensive to purchase, and on the opposite, when something remains cheap, it is often at the expense of our beautiful planet... At Bernard Cassière, we don't want to make this cruel choice anymore. Why should we need to choose between our wallet or the preservation of the planet? This is why we decided to generalize our eco-refill system to all of the jars available on catalogue... Let's discover below how this system could be benefic  at every level...

A new, more ecological size

From now, when our favorite cream remains empty, all we have to do is to remove the empty capsule inside the jar and to replace it with a new one, full of cream. This takes only takes few seconds and allows us to make substantial savings, as the price of a refill is around 20% less than buying a complete new jar. A simple gesture which nevertheless allows us to have a concrete impact on the reduction of plastic waste.

It's one of our main concern! We pay great attention to our formulas, but also to the way we design our packagings. This is the reason why, in addition to the generalization of the eco-refill system to all of our jars, we also decided to change our spatulas for new ones made with 99% of recycled plastic. 

Moreover, for the first time, the Bamboo launching allows us to introduce tubes made wwith 50% of recycled plastic in their skirt. And this approach is going to be generalized to all the new products from now.

Our Spirulina creams

Have you ever noticed that when people say something is comfortable, it is often an excuse for not being stylished at all? Even if it's true, these two products (which can be used as a day or night cream) particularly emphasise the comfort they provide to the face from the first use. This is true for the comfort version (enriched with Macadamia oil) dedicated to combination to oily skin, but even more so in the ultra-comfort version (Organic and fair trade Shea butter and virgin Jojoba oil) which will delight dry and dehydrated skin.

But far from being limited to this cocooning action, these two products are above all an absolute must to preserve the youthfulness of the face. Natural Spirulina extract, natural extract of brown Alaria esculenta seaweed, natural extract of blue moth tree, youthful peptides... it is an understatement to say that they combine in the heart of our formulas the best in natural ingredients to gently accompany skin ageing.

Aquasleeping Pack - Our Hydrating night cream

Beauty crush for this product that is as fun as effective! We love its memory texture, directly inspired by the famous sleeping packs coming straight from Korea. But beware, behind its apparent lightness, you will find all our cosmetic know-how in this organic Aloe Vera, Bamboo and Hyaluronic Acid combo to intensely moisturise the skin and thus encourage natural cell renewal. A regenerating cocoon that also includes Jojoba oil for an ever softer skin. When you wake up, your skin is visibly fresher and more plumped up.

High hydration sorbet cream

Ultra-melting texture, second skin effect, very pleasant fragrance... this day cream knows how to speak to us. But it is definitely its ultra-hydrating formula that convinces us. Organic Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Bamboo act in synergy to ensure a guaranteed long-lasting hydration thanks to their progressive diffusion. And since Japanese Lily of the Valley also inhibits insensible water loss, it doesn't take long to feel the fresher, plumper, more beautiful, more luminous skin that we secretly dreamed of under our fingers.

high hydration sorbet cream

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Parce que nous savons que les esthéticien.ne.s entendent bien prendre pleinement part à la naissance d’un monde plus engagé, nous basculons progressivement nos références professionnelles dans de nouveaux contenants fabriqués à partir de 50% de plastique recyclé. Ainsi, les adeptes de la marque qui apprécient aussi ses protocoles en cabine sauront que c’est de manière globale nous nous engageons pour l’environnement.

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