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Going back to basics, letting go, drawing strength from ancestral recipes, reconnecting with raw ingredients, sources of well-being since the dawn of time, or almost... this is precisely what we invite you to do with our new Soins du Monde body line. With natural formulas inspired by the four corners of the globe, from Africa to Mexico, it appears as an irresistible invitation to relaxation and calm, the key to a very welcome mental reconnection. No matter how much we marvel at the finesse of a touch screen, nothing will ever equal the touch of an ultra-sensory texture under our fingers, a dose of comfort in which we will take pleasure in abandoning ourselves to get back in tune with the rhythms of nature.

Shea Butter & Loofah

When we talk about "soft skin" and "shea" in the same sentence, it is spontaneously the pure butter of this thousand-year-old active ingredient that we think of. But why not also take advantage of its incredible capacity to make our skin soft within a body scrub? For that, we adopt without the slightest hesitation this body scrub which is distinguished by its formula containing no less than 93% ingredients of natural origin.

Yes, it contains nourishing Shea butter (certified organic and fair trade not to spoil anything) but also Shea powder that will gently remove dead cells. For an exfoliation carried out in the purest rules of the art, we also find at the heart of this care with an oriental perfume African Loofah. We already appreciated it in the form of a vegetable sponge acting like a horsehair glove, but we like it even more in this scrub which, from the first use, leaves the skin incredibly soft and radiant.

Argan Oil and Rose of Damas

We sometimes want to always look for THE new over hype cosmetic ingredient that buzzes on social networks when, in the end, we have long since found the most beneficial active ingredients. In fact, all you have to do is test this extremely nourishing body lotion to see for yourself, whose formula containing 90% ingredients of natural origin is unrivalled in freeing us from crocodile skin.

At the heart of its ancestral recipe, we find Argan oil - certified organic and fair trade in line with our values which Berber women have made their preferred beauty elixir for centuries and centuries. Alongside Damask Rose stem cells, this care product, whose sweet oriental fragrance is also appreciated, has a very appreciable anti-free radical and elastic fibre protection action. In short, this is the rich care to be adopted urgently to preserve maximum elasticity, suppleness and hydration of the skin.

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