5 tips to make sure that pregnancy rimes with beauty !

To make sure that pregnancy is a perfect pair with beauty it is important to adopt the right behaviours, as it is an hormonal and body times of change. So if you want to feel more beautiful than ever, follow our Bernard Cassiere tips.

Hydrate again and again

It’s well to nourish and hydrate every day the skin, but it’s even better to complete with a Pineapple stretch marks and firmness body oil on hips, stomach and breast! The body will get firmer, suppler while avoiding stretch marks. For an hydration at all levels and a glowy skin, don’t forget to drink enough water.

Protect from UV rays

The pregnancy mask is terror number one for many pregnant women. And for good reason, this pigmentation appears for 70% of them. Thus, even without high sun exposure, draw up your Yuzu high protection fluid SPF50 to avoid pregnancy mask appearance.

Walk, swim, in brief stimulate your skin

Bad circulation, water retention, cellulite … Many phenomenon that we can limit walking on regular basis, practicing yoga, or swimming some lenghts in a pool. The point is finding an activity that you like and bring pleasure to you. You can also sleep with raised legs or use a cold water stream from the ankles to the hips … Circulation improvment and strong boost guarantee !

Manicure, but no anyhow !

For the coquette ladies, how want to look good until the end of the nails, prefer a free-phtalate nailpolish, more natural and respectful of your nails. If you are not brave enough to apply it yourself, than you should go to your favorite beauty salon and let the beautician take care of you.

Play on a natural brightness

To have a smooth peachy complexion, limit the makeup and prefer better a New skin essence. It instantly improves properties of the skin care and boosts actives ingredients penetration, while awakes and smooths the skin … A marvel !

All you need now is pamper yourself and enjoy few more weeks before the greatest meeting !

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