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Bamboo / organic Aloe-vera high hydration care

Aquasleeping pack - High hydration night cream bamboo / organic...

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At the cutting edge of technology, this cream combines the best of nature and science and acts as a regenerative cocoon while you are asleep. Its amazing memory-shape texture visibly erases the signs of tiredness by creating a 3D network, for a fresher and plumped skin aspect on the morning. Natural extracts of bamboo and organic aloe-vera, combined with...
Bamboo / organic Aloe-vera high hydration care

Bamboo / organic aloe-vera high hydration sorbet cream

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Light and ethereal, the texture of this sorbet has been especially designed to satisfy the thirst of the combination to oily skins suffering from dehydration. Natural extracts of bamboo and organic aloe-vera, combined with hydrating agents (hyaluronic acid…) provide vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential to the skin radiance.An extract of silver...
Slimming body care [Pineapple]

BB body cream

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Indulge in a tropical mood with this body pineapple BB cream ! Moisturizing and nourishing, its pigmented texture delivers a universal shade to visibly correct the imperfections of the skin for more beautiful legs.
Spirulina youth care

Firming body cream

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Make peace with your age at last! Let’s stop feeling guilty and take a generous nut of this unctuous cream, formulated based on Spirulina and brown seaweed natural extracts to smooth out and firm the skin of your whole body. Some shea nut butter (organic and from fair trade) and a virgin jojoba oil have been added to restore the skin’s softness,...
Chocolate anti-stress care

Chocolate nutriprotective cream

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This “phyto-protective” cream has been specially formulated to protect normal and reactive skin from daily stresses (urban pollution, tiredness, sleeping disorder...).
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