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Slimming body care

Slimming body care

Slimming gel

Smoother skin and firmer shape with the pineapple slimming gel ! Perfect silhouette and tropical fragrance give you a foretaste of Copacabana !
Slimming body care

Light legs fluid

Wave of freshness guaranteed with this light legs fluid ! Its fragrance indulges you in a tropical mood !
Slimming body care

BB body cream

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Indulge in a tropical mood with this body pineapple BB cream ! Moisturizing and nourishing, its pigmented texture delivers a universal shade to visibly correct the imperfections of the skin for more beautiful legs.
Slimming body care

Pineapple post'depilatory care

Applied on recently waxed areas, this “comfort” spray contains an anti-regrowth agent to soft the skin, slow hair growth and leave the skin more beautiful for longer!  
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