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Cornflower eye contour care

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Cornflower eye contour care

Cornflower tensing and reviving eye care

This skincare has reviving and smoothing properties. It has firming effect and ability to fight against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Designed to visibly smooth out the appearance of puffiness, optimize the skin's tonicity and thus visibly improve the eye contour aspect.Ophthalmologically tested.
Cornflower eye contour care

Cornflower eye contour radiance care [dark circle diminisher]

Reveal the beauty of your eyes with this dark circle diminisher. In a wink, the light colored texture hides both the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, and reverses the visible signs of sleep deprivation in one go. This skincare product was designed to visibly improve the appearance of the eye contour while optimizing skin’s tonicity. Tested under...
Cornflower eye contour care

[SOS regard] Cornflower anti-fatigue patches

Erase the effects of insufficient sleep with the Anti-fatigue patches! The amazing texture provides an instant cooling effect that helps smooth the eye area while facilitating the microcirculation.
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