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Bilberry soothing care

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Bilberry soothing care

Bilberry gentle peeling

This Bilberry gentle peeling softly removes impurities and dead cells leaving the skin clean, fresh and comfortable. This creamy peeling offers to all skin types, even sensitive skins, a radiant complexion without irritation.Dermatologically testedHypoallergenic fragrance
Bilberry soothing care

Bilberry soothing mousse delicate skin

This bilberry mousse soothes and protects sensitive skin. Its creamy foam texture enhances the feeling of comfort.Dermatologically testedHypoallergenic fragrance
Bilberry soothing care

Bilberry overnight cream-mask

The Bilberry overnight cream-mask provides ultimate protection for delicate skin while you sleep. The melting texture envelops your skin, soothing and nourishing it all night long. In the morning, the skin is soft, fresh, supple, and the complexion is unified.Dermatologically testedHypoallergenic fragrance
Bilberry soothing care

Bilberry redness soothing S.O.S. solution delicate skin

This Bilberry soothing care is a perfect S.O.S solution: to soothe the skin, minimize the appearance of the redness and even the skin tone! Thanks to its Colour Control technology it reduces redness on the surface and immediately unifies the complexion. Over time the skin seems less sensitive to natural external aggressions, the appearance of redness is...
Bilberry soothing care

Bilberry ultra-soothing concentrate

A truly « cocooning » formula with light, fresh and comforting texture to instantly soothe your skin.Dermatologically testedHypoallergenic fragrance
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